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Professional car detailing services
to get brilliantly steam-cleaned vehicles and a sparkling finish. Time-saving. Convenient. Eco-friendly.

If you love your vehicle, you want to give it the best – and that includes cleaning and detailing.

Our revolutionary system uses the power of steam combined with specially formulated organic cleaning solutions to safely clean, revitalize, shine, deodorize and sanitize your vehicle.

Whether you own one vehicle or a fleet, our DetailXPerts Auto Detailing Professional will transform your car, truck, boat, bus, RV or motorcycle. In half the time of a traditional car wash, your vehicle will be expertly cleaned, leaving it 100% free of stubborn grease, dirt, grime, mold, mildew and bacteria.

That’s the eco-friendly power of steam combined with our exclusive organic cleaning solutions.

Because your time is valuable, our DetailXPerts Auto Detailing Professional will work with your schedule and at your location.

The DetailXPerts Truck and Car Wash utilizes patent-pending technology to transform just one pint of water into an Eco-Spa Experience for your vehicle. We guarantee that even the most dirty and grimy car, truck, boat, bus, RV or motorcycle can be safely cleaned and revitalized to its natural shiny condition or we will make it right.

Our environmentally safe technology ensures there is NO water waste, NO harsh chemical runoff, NO ugly water puddles or reside, and NO danger to the environment - without sacrificing cleaning performance.

You wouldn’t dream of driving your vehicle for thousands of miles without servicing, without an oil change, without safety checks - so why settle for anything less than the finest in auto detailing services as part of your maintenance program?

A clean, fresh, sanitized vehicle not only helps extend the life of your vehicle, it also:

Don't just take our word for it, read what our customers are saying
Barry Eads
I was given a gift certificate and was expecting them to just clean the inside of my car which they did. But they also cleaned my trunk and washed and waxed the outside and cleaned the tires too! The car looks like new both inside and out. Amazing! Great job!
Marc Smith
My minivan looks better than it did brand new. The technician did an incredible job. 3 kids - baseball coach. Yet the van looks new.
Eman Dahmani
I've been using DetailXPerts once a month and they do a fabulous job! They leave my car spotless and the best part is they come to my home and spend a few hours cleaning and detailing my car. They're always on time and very professional. Thank you DetailXPerts!
Our Services

Car Detailing Services

Our attention to detail and courteous service ensures your vehicle will be one of the cleanest rides in town. We pride ourselves in having a World Class Team of professionally trained and experienced detailers who, together and individually, share our mission of delivering the finest quality in interior vehicle cleaning and exterior car detailing services.

Our Detailing Professionals are certified, trained and regularly provided with additional training as our cleaning processes and eco-steam technology is continually enhanced and improved.

Our car detailing services come with a 100% GUARANTEE.
Or we make it right! Book your vehicle today and receive 25% OFF your first service!

Interior Car Detailing Services

Our DetailXPerts Professionals are the experts at interior car cleaning. Using our patent-pending eco-steam technology, your car will be transformed into nothing short of immaculate.

From the dashboard to the car seats and carpets, your car will be a clean, fresh and happy place without chemical residues or haze. Whether driving solo or with friends and family, you can cruise easy, knowing your car's interior is clean, fresh and healthy.

Mobile Truck Washing

With our mobile truck washing service you will experience what it’s like to ride a truly clean vehicle that gleams from top to bottom, inside and out. We’ll take care of the gory, grimy details so you can focus more on the things you love.

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Fleet Wash

A clean fleet is a happy fleet, and never has that been more important than in this age of driver shortages, employee retention issues, rising fuel costs, stricter DOT inspections, maintenance challenges and more.

Statistics show that clean, fresh, comfortable and sanitized cabs, RVs and trucks contribute to happier, healthier and more committed drivers.

Clean, professionally detailed vehicles not only look safer but often are safer, thus reducing the chances of unwarranted DOT penalties and helping to reduce fuel consumption.

A Fleet Washing contract with your DetailXPerts Professional can save you hundreds of dollars every year and with our commercial accounts discount, it is more affordable than you might think.

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Boat Detailing

The single biggest threat to the life of your boat is salt. Every year, salt causes accumulative damage and deterioration to the exterior of your boat, reducing both the life and value of your investment. Our advanced boat cleaning services help protect and defend your boat from the ravages of salt and other minerals.

A DetailXPerts steam cleaning will quickly dissolve salt, minerals and other aggressive substances from your boat’s exterior. Want to add an extra layer of protection to keep salt and other natural elements away from your prized possession? By opting for our Specialty Professional Detailing Package you can add a Premium Level of Protection to provide further protection.

Mobile Truck and Car Detailing Services

For most people, finding time to have their vehicle detailed is too much to think about in an already busy life. With a custom service from your local DetailXPerts Professional, you can book a top quality mobile car wash service at your location to suit your schedule. Without leaving your home or office, you can have a clean, fresh-smelling car interior and showroom-quality exterior. DetailXPerts is the Eco-friendly Car Spa that comes to you. After all, you have more important things to think about.

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Motorcycle Wash

With nearly 10 million motorcycles in America, it’s obviously a popular way to have fun on and off the open road. After a fun day biking, who really wants to clean down a dirty, mud-caked bike? Most bike enthusiasts usually manage, at best, a quick blast with the garden hose and leave the full cleaning to that well-meaning ‘other’ day.

For our DetailXPerts Professionals, there’s nothing they like more than the challenge of a crusty, mud-covered bike. Using the eco-power of steam, your local DetailXPerts Professional will return your prized baby to a showroom gleam. From the sprockets to the mirrors, the only person with a prouder smile than our Professional will be you.

RV Wash

Your RV may be the King of the Road but it’s a monster to clean. A full-service eco-steam service from DetailXPerts ensures that even the most inaccessible areas of your vehicle are professionally and hygienically cleaned.

Our DetailXPerts Professional will come to you, at a time best suited to your schedule. Using our advanced cleaning system, you are ensured the best results available. So relax and kick back, knowing that your prize chariot is being given a Royal Treatment that’s fit for a King.

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